Here you can find some of my projects. Feel free to contact me and give me some feedback.


  • | a webservice to shorten your links to the minimum
  • | similar to trim-me, the german domain
  • | commented PHP knowledge archive
  • theta8 | next step website analysis


  • lightscript | optimize the static file handling for webapplications with merging, caching and gzipping
  • PHP Extensions and Classes | own PHP extensions and useful code
  • simple wordpress cache | output buffer cache for WordPress
  • Ipsum | the PHP formula parser


  • Benfords Law in C
  • Deterministic Finite Automaton in PHP
  • Nondeterministc Finite Automata in PHP

Documents, Concepts, Wishlists & Ideas

  • Web application performance
  • NBDS – neuron based data structure
  • social sms writing | writing with a social grind
  • Ideas to bypass the frequency analysis for mono alphabetic encryption