Hello World,

first of all i want to introduce you to cip-labs. CIP is an acronym for „Code Is Poetry“. And that it’s all about. „Code“ is the keyword for this site. At the cip-labs i will run some performance tests, introduce serveral software and own projects to the public.

About me

At the moment i studying computer science at the HTW Dresden. I’m working for some companies to improve my knowledge and to get some feedback from these clients. My subjects are networks, administration/clustering, C/C++, C#, Java, PHP (favourite), Python and databases and i’m specialized in optimizing web-applications.

  • name: Alexander Bresk
  • born: ‘89
  • living in: germany.saxony.dresden
  • occupation: student/freelancer
  • intested in: coding, architecture, philosophy, social sciences, nlp, web2.0, engineering, design
  • www: alexander.bre.sk

experience with

  • programming languages: php, c, c++,  java, c#, js, prolog, sql, asm, shellscript
  • webserver: apache2, lighttpd,  nginx
  • databases: mysql, sybase, ldap
  • operating systems: linux (debian, openSuSE, ubuntu, slackware), windows server 2003, windows *
  • networks: samba
  • cms: wordpress, joomla, habari, drupal
  • frameworks: jquery, zend
  • software engineering: uml 2.0
  • project management: collabtive, Microsoft Project
  • other: memcached, smarty

currently focused on

  • lamp/llmp performance
  • neural networks
  • semantic analysis


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