Lightscript is a Static File Optimization Script that is able to merge, gzip and cache merged files. It also can coordinate your caching strategies. You can combine for instance your javascript requests to one request with:|scriptaculous.js|main.js&c=1

With q you can list all files you need and with c you decide whether cache the file or not (c=1 || c=0).

$cache_dir and $script_dir are the variables that point out the place where the scripts are located and where lightscript can store cached files. Make sure that these directories are writeable (777). In the downloadable archive we have created 2 folders (scripts & cache). You can use this folders by default.

Lightscript was introduced in July’10.

Version two

The version two of lightscript comes out with a new feature called minification. Everybody who is familiar with performance of web application knows what minification means. To minify a script means to delete all necessary blank tokens, delete carriage returns and at least minify some syntactical structure (e.g. #FFFFFF -> #FFF). I also replaced some functions with faster alternatives. [download]

Version three (expected)

Because of temporal bottlenecks, I decided to shelve some features into a newer version. Version three will have SHM (shared memory) support for the cache and it will be possible to handle more than one script type in a lightscript. To keep lightscript light and small, as the name implies, I tend to put just slim code into it. Here is a list of all planned features:

  • shared memory support
  • handle more script types in one installation
  • better gzip handling
  • reduce the code of CSSMin and JSMin


Latest version: Lightscript-Version-two

other versions: Lightscript-Version-one